“Adventure is Out There”

It has been awhile since I have posted anything. Lately I have felt like my life went from 0 to 60 in a matter of days. Some days I have just been so busy I could not find time to post, but some days I was struggling to find the positives. I told myself that my blog would be all about finding the good in any situation and when I was struggling to stay true to my blog I almost gave up, but that is just not me. I decided that part of finding the good is acknowledging that sometimes the situation just sucks!

These past couple of weeks I have battled with my C.F., fell in love with my gym membership, found out I might have to move houses, went and looked at houses, spent much needed time with my siblings, who live 6+ hours from OBX, and my handsome boyfriend, who is back on base. I have struggled to relocate my identity.

I am an average 20 year old, who is expected to do average 20 year old things. It is hard to keep the average life separate from my Cystic Fibrosis life who is a constant reminder that I may think I am an average 20 year old, but I am anything but…I will continue to fight a battle between two worlds, but something Cystic Fibrosis can never take from me is the adventure of life. Do not forget to live today. Tomorrow is not promised.


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